Is a service made to create and to store photos, videos, audio and other files with the lack of a social element. It is created to store user data.

The principle of operation can be described as a rent of deposit box, which guarantees safety of your property and provides access to the cell only for you and no one else.

You can create photos, videos, audio files or upload files already created in other platforms. You can also create notes. In addition, you can upload documents created by other platforms.


You will be safe from data hackers thanks to multilevel encryption, the structure of service where there is no opportunity to share information with an unlimited range of users (social networks, shearing).


The service is created to store data about user and for user.

This can save valuable knowledge, emotions, sensations, thoughts, attitudes and so on.


Artificial intelligence will be created In the near future. And it will be more and more comparable to the level of intelligence of a human.

In the future, the level of intelligence of artificial intelligence will be much higher than the level of human intelligence.


In this case, there are two requirements that will help to meet our service.


The first requirement: the developers of artificial intelligence face the problem of the humanization of the Mind.


Firstly, it is important from ethical side. Artificial Intelligence, identified with a human look is more attractive and less repulsive. Secondly, it is necessary from the point of view of ensuring safety.


It is considered that a more "humane" Artificial Intelligence will be less repulsive if he will identify itself with a real person.


Thirdly, it is important to diversify artificial intelligences that they are not clones.


The second requirement: People want to leave a memory about themselves.


Some people will desire to be reborn in a new form, to receive "immortality" as it is believed that a person is not so much the body, how much knowledge and ideas.


To Create a creature similar to you (children) and give them knowledge and experience, perhaps, it is the main purpose of human life.


Moreover, transmission of people's knowledge and thoughts into artificial intelligence will look more attractive, since artificial intellect has no such restrictions as human bodies do (death, disease, evolution of brain development).


Apart from that, there is a natural human necessity to transfer his knowledge to someone.


You need to upload files about yourself into Artificial Intelligence (photos, videos, recording to tape recorders, etc.). The more information you upload the more it will be similar to you.


If you use few information it will dissolve in the sea of general information entered while creating the AI and received by it after creation.


To avoid this, you need to create artificial intelligence based on large amount of information collected about you for a long period of time.


The more information you save and the earlier you start to collect information about you the more Artificial Intelligence will be identified with you.